The gains of hosting international sports

However, this injection of money, will only be short-term a few weeks and make little overall impact on the wider economy. Transport systems and traffic are also disrupted. With a public share of Furthermore, the cost—benefit proposition is worse for cities in developing countries than for those in the industrialized world.

Finally, a major reason why nations bid for hosting rights is to gain international recognition to boost national pride. In conclusion, I would argue that despite the apparent harmful consequences of hosting international sports events, the benefits of doing so make it a worthy venture.

Because like what Amily commented, if the problems really outweigh the benefits by this much, why would any country want to waste their money on such events? A country which is still struggling with its economy and grappling with its international image and relations should not consider sporting events as an easy way out as there is a huge likelihood of things going wrong.

Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics are often considered the most financially successful modern Olympics. Ten members of the IOC were kicked out, and another ten sanctioned, over accepting bribes from the organizing committee of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Somewhat stronger evidence exists, however, that mega-events tend to affect rental prices outside of the center city in a fundamentally different manner than in the city core. It took 30 years to pay off the Olympic debt [ 2 ].

Additionally, the venues of the events may be targeted by terrorist groups. Economic growth, increased tourism and additional employment were some of their major findings. New construction requires demolishing or relocating existing houses and offices, and often people are not compensated adequately.

It has played an important part of the Games' identity promotion since the Summer Olympicswhen the Russian bear cub Misha reached international stardom.

According to a report by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that was released at the time of the games, this cost will not boost Russia's national economy, but may attract business to Sochi and the southern Krasnodar region of Russia in the future as a result of improved services.

In these times of spending cuts, should we be spending money on a sporting event? However, the costs of hosting the event can also be quite high.

The coloured version of the rings—blue, yellow, black, green, and red—over a white field forms the Olympic flag. Implications for mega event managers and future research are outlined. Urban Studies, MayVol. Also, a major sporting event can lead to a rise in volunteerism which promotes civic virtues.

Perhaps a clearer topic sentence would help. The unfolding corruption scandal related to awarding the World Cup to Qatar is merely the latest in a long line. Also with the international interest in the event, host countries may become tourist attractions, thus boosting hospitality and tourism industries.

The Games also marked the introduction of the metric system into sport. Also, the injection of foreign visitors may be offset by locals leaving to avoid the influx and over-crowding.

No matter what stage of development it reaches, China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion. This positive effect begins in the years leading up to the Games and might persist for several years afterwards, although not permanently. There are disadvantages too. But the fact is, sports events have long been used as platforms to make political statements.

What determines whether the benefits outweigh the costs? Thus it is clear that sporting events create significant problems and practically negligible benefits for the locals. Our data covers three different major events: But, a major sporting event can create enthusiasm and excitement for such an event.

The organizations behind them can be trusted. Higher taxes to pay cost Some cities have seen an increase in tax post games to finance a loss of putting on the sporting event.

Should a country like the UK be hosting a major event with a large national debt? A female performer, acting as a priestess, ignites a torch by placing it inside a parabolic mirror which focuses the sun's rays; she then lights the torch of the first relay bearer, thus initiating the Olympic torch relay that will carry the flame to the host city's Olympic stadium, where it plays an important role in the opening ceremony.

However, the example of China wasting money on maintenance is not linked to how it would disadvantage people. But instead, many citizens of host nations find themselves priced out of taking part.

This breeds discontent among the locals and antagonism against the building authorities and the government.There are several drawbacks for countries where major sports events take place.

Everything You Know About Big, International Sporting Events Is Wrong

Firstly, there is a notable security threat to the host country due to the sudden influx of people from across the globe, which makes it harder to undergo a thorough security check on all of them.

Nov 08,  · It has the fastest growing fan base in the U.S., and the four traditional major sports league's are taking notice.

Could it eclipse one of them in the near future?

IELTS band 8 essay sample: Advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sporting events

For a country like China with a controversial human rights record, hosting a major sporting event can be a way to gain greater international acceptance. When South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup and later the Football World Cup, it was a defining moment in.

The positives of hosting an international sporting event are: it is evident that there are both advantages and disadvantages in hosting sports events. However, the advantages largely outweigh the demerits. A look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a major sporting event.

The modern Olympic Games or Olympics (French: Jeux olympiques) are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than nations participating.

The next economic impact major international sport events may bring to the host country is tourism development. Nowadays ‘mega sports events’, like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup are supposed to be large tourism destinations, as they attract a major number of people.

The gains of hosting international sports
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