Northwestern economics senior thesis

Advanced MENU participants might engage in independent study with a faculty member on a project of mutual interest. Each reader must submit a written evaluation based on careful examination of the thesis and a recommendation regarding the award of honors.

Honors Thesis

While any professor can be approached for assistance in developing ideas, students should contact professors who will serve as instructors for the workshops at least several months before the start of the term.

Honors students work closely with a faculty advisor to complete a research project of their own design. My MMSS experience has been nothing short of fantastic. What sort of question would you like to answer?

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A majority vote of the Committee is required to recommend honors. Six Northwestern economics senior thesis in your geographic concentration: However, 's will not fulfill the requirements for honors unless a student has been invited to the Honors Program before enrolling in them.

What kinds of materials do you enjoy working with? The final thesis is due in early May to allow your faculty adviser and seminar instructor time to read and review your work in advance of the Northwestern economics senior thesis deadline for submitting honors recommendations to the College.

On average, three workshops are offered per academic year. Guidelines for the Honors Thesis The thesis must constitute an original contribution to economic analysis and must consist substantially of independent research performed by the candidate.

Applicants are generally advised of admissions decisions before registration for fall quarter begins. That was probably the biggest factor in my decision to apply.

Freshman year I took multi-variable calculus and an economics class and for me, the coolest part of my coursework was seeing how I could use mathematical modeling to explain different social phenomena around me. The thesis must include the following: Such a project may lead to a senior thesis, an important component in earning departmental honors.

The class teaches how to address investment problems in a systematic manner using case studies. Statistics ; Economics, I really enjoyed my time in MMSS. A thesis may use economic theory to model an economic or social problem, develop interesting hypotheses, and examine the empirical validity of the model and hypotheses using suitable data and econometric methods.

What issues interested you the most? At least 2 of these courses must be at the level. A letter of recommendation from your advisor must accompany your proposal or be submitted directly by your advisor at the same time as your proposal.

A unique feature of the Latina and Latino Studies major asks students to engage in immersive learning. Details on the application process will be explained in an open meeting generally held in February for students who plan to pursue honors the following academic year.

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In some cases, students will not be earning specific credit toward graduation for their immersion experiences such a service-learning, volunteering, activism while in other cases they may be such as study abroad, Chicago Field Studies, independent studies that leads to a senior thesis.

Students applying to the senior thesis seminar should plan to complete both the and the seminar before the end of their third year. The first quarter is a careful introduction to probability spaces, random variables, independence, distributions, and generating functions culminating in the Central Limit Theorem.

Think of the questions or problems that stuck with you from your previous classes. A paper that reviews and summarizes a body of literature on a particular topic will not merit honors, unless it arrives at an especially novel and provocative synthesis of ideas. As for all MMSS students writing a senior thesis, MMSS students pursuing interdisciplinary honors in MMSS and economics must attend all meetings of the MMSS senior thesis seminar held over the entire academic year, regardless of which quarters of the thesis seminar they officially register for.

It was challenging and gratifying to pursue a self-directed project, and I learned a great deal about research. ECON counts as one of the two senior-level seminars required of all majors. I feel like the program responds to the students as well; in my case I had a non-traditional major pairing MMSS and linguistics and Professor Ely took the initiative to support students like me.

Probability and Stochastic Processes is a three-quarter sequence in probability and stochastic processes requiring background in calculus but not measure theory.From the quarterly dinners to working on the senior thesis, my interactions with the MMSS family greatly enriched my experience.

For anyone thinking of applying to MMSS or entering the MMSS program, I would definitely suggest interacting with students and professors as much as possible. Economics has six core requirements (macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics) and six economics field classes, plus five related classes that include calculus and statistics.

Target Audience: All Northwestern undergraduates, all schools, all majors, all. In some cases, students will not be earning specific credit toward graduation for their immersion experiences (such a service-learning, volunteering, activism) while in other cases they may be (such as study abroad, Chicago Field Studies, independent studies that leads to a senior thesis).

Econometrics, Senior Honors Thesis Seminar, Freshmen Seminar. Past: Econometrics, Contemporary Economic Issues, Microeconomics (Principles and Intermediate), Macroeconomics (Principles and Intermediate), Mathematical Economics, International Trade. An economics senior thesis is appropriate for a capstone learning experience.

This model is relatively time-intensive. It takes two semesters and assumes a traditional 4-year student graduating on time. Zarek is now a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Berkeley.

He received his B.S. in Mathematics & Economics from American University in His senior thesis focused on the impact of No Child Left Behind Act minimum education standards on risky behavior in .

Northwestern economics senior thesis
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